Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living Room Reveal

So, finally here it is! I don't have the best before pictures because I started to prep the walls for the paint, moved all the furniture around, and then realized I needed to take before shots.

Front door 

As you walk in the front door 

Yep, I know the color of the wall changed on this pic, like I said, horrible at before shots. This is an important picture though. You will see why in a bit!

The green just made everything so dark!

Now for the after. The one major thing I am lacking a a rug to go under the coffee table.  I am thinking a black shag rug will be nice.  

 Yep, that's a blue towel under that piece of furniture. I put it there so it would not scratch the floor and forgot to put it away! 

I had a Gorman print hanging here before but it did not go with the room anymore. I love Gorman and could not give it up so I put it in the bedroom instead. I picked this print up at Garden Ridge for half price! 

 The vase for the center of the dining room table I got at Kirklands. The chairs I recovered (take a better look over here) with fabric I picked up from Cutting Corners.

There is my Mod Podge Tray I recycled! I used some wedding moss in a jar for a little accent piece :-)

 I hung black curtains that I found at the Family Dollar for next to nothing! I think that black shag rug will look really nice in here.

 I recovered some pillows that I already had with the fabric that I picked up from Cutting Corners. I also found the red pillows at T.J Maxx and the green pillows at Anna's Linens. I think I may add a few more.

Can you see me waving in the mirror, ha! I am still not quite done with this area. I'm not crazy about that floor vase and want to find another one. I think I may also find a wall decal for in here too. Maybe a word or phrase.

I made a table skirt to hid that ugly little table! I also had a piece of glass cut at Ajax Glass for the top. I made a rather interesting tutorial for the table skirt and will post that soon for anyone interested. 

 I put the remote controls in a Southern Living basket that I had hidden away. That lamp I also found at Kirklands for next to nothing! I think I may do something to jazz it up a bit or maybe put it in the bedroom and find a more modern looking lamp to put here instead. 

I found the most amazing soft little throw at T.J. Maxx too. The kitty slept on it all day on Sunday!

So, that is it for now.  There are still a few things to tweak but all in all I really like the improvement! When I tweak I will post about it. I wish my camera was able to take better pictures. I really does look better in person.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by! 


Rebecca@This Present Life said...

The room looks so much brighter and bigger! I love that you can see your "family tree" peaking in to the room, too :) And the colorful pillows on the couch really pop, now! Looks great!

Mystee said...

I'm your newest hop follower
Have a wonderful week


Mika said...

Love the new room look! It's fabulous!
I'm following from the blog hop.
I'd love a follow back at www.mikaspantry.blogspot.com

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Lovely changes and improvements! The framed print is beautiful! Visiting from WOB Wednesday.


Liz said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

Melissa said...

Lizzie, this looks so good! Don't get rid of the floor vase. Spray paint it. There are tons of bloggers out there with ideas for repainting tired stuff. Great job!

Little Wren said...

Simply gorgeous! The room looks lighter and much cheerier in the new color! Great job!

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