Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Make a Garden Trellis

I planted cucumbers about 4-6 weeks ago and they are taking off! I am so proud. They are taking off so much that they have no place to go. So, I decided to make a trellis. 

All you need are a few wooden dowels (I used 6), some gardening twine, a rubber mallet (or something to help hammer the dowel in the ground) and scissors. 

Place the dowels where you want them and hammer them in the ground. I did 2 rows of 3 dowels.

Then, take the gardening twine and start from the bottom up and wrap the twine around the dowels

Take the vines and wrap them up through the twine. Now, you probably already know this but, I should have started sooner that way the vines could have wrapped themselves up the trellis! 

I already have little cucumbers growing. 

So, there you have it. Easy as can be! 

I am also growing cantaloupe...

...and pumpkins...for the first time this year. So, we will see how that goes!  

Now, let me introduce you to the Troops!

My troops are a must have and are my little warriors against any garden sneak attack! I have a huge aunt problem and this is where Captain Diatomaceous Earth comes in. Kills them every time!  My tomato plants became a bit diseased and so Disease B Gon came into action. I don't think this stuff is entirely organic which is a bummer and I am still on the lookout for an organic disease killer. I love insect killing soap. When the bad guys (spider mites and aphids) attack as they do every year, the insect killing soap wipes them out! Fish fertilizer helps give my soil and plants the nutrients it needs. It has a horrible stank to it and I am certain that has some kind of special bug fighting power! 



Greenacremama said...

Well done! thanks for the tip...i am in dire need of a trellis for my clematis.
Have a blessed weekend!

Wild Violets said...

Love the trellis design I think I will try that one out this year!

For an organic option you can try this stuff on Garden's Alive. All of their products are environmentally friendly!

I also love Peaceful Valley Farm Supply. They have lots of cool stuff to choose from and sport a weekly how to video.

Liz said...

Thanks for the organic garden links sis! :-)

CK said...

Oh, it is so fun to see all these gardens on people's blogs. I might try that some day... haha.... SOME day... ;) For now, I'll stick to my community organic farm subscription.

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