Friday, May 6, 2011

In The Moment

Anthropologie. Need I say more? I love everything about this place and could spend hours there. I love how they "bundle" my clothes in tissue with the little Anthropologie sticker. So, since I love Anthropologie so, I figured this picture would serve as my "In The Moment" post, because when I am shopping in there, I am totally in the moment!

After work today I met up with my mom and sister at Blue Mesa. They have he best happy hour! You get free tacos and nachos when you purchase a drink! It was a long Friday so a few Mojitos were in order. After a few hours of chatting we went over to Anthropologie. It was so much fun. We were in there for a long time because we all just kept finding more and more treasures that we could not resist!  

After Anthropologie we went over to Williams-Sonoma. We each had a shot of espresso from the Pixie machine. I love this machine. It pours a perfect shot with a perfect amount of crema on top. This espresso machine is not messing around either. That was quite the jolt I needed to keep me away for several more hours! My sister also honed in on the Beekman Boys heirloom seeds package. This is quite a package too. I know she is going to grow some great heirloom plants. Go Beekman! 

It was a very nice Friday evening, a great way to start the weekend! Now, we must get working on Mother's Day gifts! 

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