Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Sewing Project #3

Project 3 of my sewing course was to make a makeup bag lined with vinyl so it would be easy to clean. The materials called for vintage linens which I have plenty of thanks to my great-great and my great grandmothers.In fact, I have so much vintage linen I really need a separate dresser for it! So, I decided to use this pillow case that I have had for a while. I love the pillow case because it has a swan embroidered on it. I wonder who stitched it on and now much time it took. I imagine one of the great's sitting in a rocking chair on their front porch sipping tea while they are stitching. I have no idea if that is really what happened but it sounds good for now. Since I just had just one pillow case I thought it would be perfect to use since it does not have a partner.  So, I present my vintage linen makeup bag!

I used striped fabric that I had for the interior because the colors matched the stitching well. I like how the outer fabric is thin and you can see the stripes from the interior fabric through it. 

I have never sewed with vinyl before but it was pretty easy. This course is so much fun!



Melissa said...

Lizzie, I am always amazed at your talents. You have such a great eye for repurposing things. Love it.

Romy van K. said...

Cool patterns! You have a new follower :) xx Romy

Cammi said...

Your amazing sewing skills aside, the embroidery on the pillow case is beautiful! I have been embroidering on and off for about 4 or 5 years now and still can't quite perfect my skills to what I see on vintage pieces. Sometimes I wish handcrafting was mandated learning the way it was back then (without all of the sexist implications obviously! Hah!) If I can ever get my boys to sit still for long enough, I fully intend on encouraging them to appreciate and work with fabric.

Liz said... have amazing sewing skills! I still haven't been able to make pajama pants! The embroidery on vintage pieces are amazing aren't they? Like they could just stitch it on with their eyes closed! My sister started Violet embroidering a few years ago and during their most recent visit I watched her little fingers just breeze right through her work and in no time she was done and it was perfect! Starting out early is key. I wholeheartedly support you teaching your boys the art of working with fabric!

Liz said...

Aunt Missy, talent was passed down to me because there are some pretty amazingly talented women in my family! :)

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