Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Wine Trail

I do enjoy a nice glass of wine and when my mom asked me to go on a wine tour this weekend I jumped on the chance. It sounded like lots of fun and a great way to get to know some local wineries. There were six wineries participating in the Cross Timbers Wine Trail. It really is an all day event because the wineries are scattered around the greater Fort Worth area. We were only able to make it to 3 but we just wanted to take our time when we were there and take it all in. 

On our way to our first stop, La Buena Vida, we came across a goat farm. The goats were absolutely adorable!!

When we arrived to La Buena Vida we were greeted by very friendly people that were happy we made it out there. This was a bit off the beaten we thought. We had our fancy GPS system that took us over the river and through the woods to get there just to realize it was a straight shot from the freeway. But...we had a great time winding through the wilderness and saw some great countryside. We would not have seen the goats if we didn't go the way our GPS told us to! They had wine bottles in the brick, that is a brilliant idea!

They were very generous with their wine at our first stop. I tried 4 different wines and they were all great. My first choice was to taste Tempranillo. I have never had it before but it was quite delicious. I also tried a few others, all were great! 

The Winery is owned by a retired doctor. His mother, Nannie Bell made cheese and taught him how to make cheese. So, to honor her he makes small quantities of cheese that he sells at his vineyard. The packaging is quite clever...with a picture of Nannie Bell on it. The cheese itself is delicious, it is very soft and smooth!

Our next stop was Brushy Creek Vineyards.  My dad found this vineyard about 10 years ago. My parents frequently go there but I have never been before so I was glad to get the chance. The land the vineyard is on is very peaceful. I think I could live out there! 

We tried 3 more wines here and had a nice conversation with the lady that owns the place. She told us the story of how she acquired the property. She retired several years ago and has been able to focus directly on her vineyard. 

They had a very tasty Sangiovese so I picked up a bottle. 

Then, our last stop was the LightCatcher Winery. I enjoyed this place. We sat on the patio and tried 3 more different wines. They also provided a fruit and cheese tray that was quite tasty! 

We had a great time. This is certainly something that I would love to do again. In October they have a murder mystery wine tour, that sounds like great fun! 



Cammi said...

Oh! The Murder Mystery Wine Tour sounds like such a good time! I got a little teary-eyed reading this entry, imagining that comfy, safe, and happy feeling that comes about when you get to have some alone time with your momma! It makes me so happy to hear others' stories about quality time spent with their family. Too many people take it for granted, not on purpose, but because they may not understand how valuable that time is. It makes me sad for them. I'm glad you do Liz! I am so interested in the Murder Mystery Tour. I'm gonna have to make that happen for my 33rd birthday or something.

Liz said...

I have always had a very small family. After experiencing the loss of 2 family members this past year, it makes me not want to take family for granted at all. I am very lucky that I have a good relationship with my parents. We always have a great time with each other and I certainly treasure that! The wine tour was SO much fun and going on the Murder Mystery Tour for your birthday would be a blast!! Your mom was so much fun and always made me feel welcome and special. I will never forget that. I think she would have had lots of fun on the wine tour and would be the life of the party! :)

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