Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kitchen Re-Do

I knew that painting my kitchen was going to be a beast of a project but I really had NO idea how much of a beast it really would be. I borderline went on melt down mode but a nice conversation with my sister picked me back up.

My house was built in the 50's and my kitchen has all the original 50's decor. I love turquoise and red together, especially in a kitchen and that is what I did! I can't believe it took me so long to re-do my kitchen! Long time coming and I am very happy. It reminds me of an old school soda shoppe.

Here is the before, I apologize for the dark pictures, I took them at night. 

So, that is the before of my dreary kitchen. 

Here is the after...

I am going to paint the cabinet that the mixer is on white. Just haven't quite gotten around to that yet.  

Cedella like to get in all my pictures. 

I made new kitchen curtains to go along with the theme. I used red seersucker fabric, turquoise rick rack, and red pom poms.

I spray painted the kitchen chairs white and recovered them with red and white checkered oil cloth.  

Still my most favorite find for this kitchen is the vintage bottle opener.

I used all Behr paint from Home Depot. The wall color is Spa and for the cabinets and baseboards I used Ultra Pure White. I still have some work do and will post when I get it accomplished. But, for now, I am happy with it. Now, on to my craft room!



Melissa said...

Lizzie, this is so fresh and pretty. You did such a great job. I love to see your posts.

Cro Magnon said...

I shouldn't admit to it; but I once had one of those bottle openers screwed into the dashboard of my car.

Liz said...

Cro Magnon, you are hilarious. I bet things got pretty interesting having that bottle opener in your car!

Liz said...

Thanks Aunt Missy! I really like it. The kitchen looks fresh and bright now!

Cammi said...

Liz!!!! It looks beautiful! Oh my gosh! I understand the meltdown mode thing. I painted my friend Amy's (from Spiral Diner) kitchen a few years ago, including every single cabinet, the molding, and her back door. It was the biggest project I think I have ever gotten into. I'll probably never do it again! :) You did an amazing job Liz! Big pat on the back!

Liz said...

Thanks Cammi! It's hard to get the pictures to do it justice but I am really happy with the way things turned out. I do have to agree with you...never again will I do a project this just about killed me. I was sore for weeks!

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