Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, my family got together to celebrate Easter. We had lots of yummy food and dyed eggs. 

We also gave our eggs some bling with a bit of Martha Stewart glitter

Afterwards, we made Aunt decided that she would make a peep smore...pretty clever. I have to say, I kind of felt bad for the little guy! 

Today, a good friend and I decided that we would go to Cabo Grande for Brunch. It was pretty good and our first time going to Cabo for brunch. The place was "hopping" so to speak. Easter celebrations abound! We decided since it was a fun holiday and all to have a pitcher of mimosa with our brunch!

We also had a 2 o'clock date at Bass Performance Hall to see Mary Poppins! The Hall is just a quick walk across Sundance Square. So we organized things perfectly, a parking spot just in between both places...easy walk to Cabo and easy walk to the Hall. However, one thing we were not able to organize perfectly was mother nature, she has a mind of her own. We finished brunch and gave ourselves exactly 20 minutes to walk, which would have been more than enough time, but the sky opened up and it was poring down rain! We were all dressed up and didn't want to walk into the fancy Hall soaking wet...figured that would probably be against dress code. So we waited, and waited, and waited...then 2 o'clock came along....and it was still poring. This is not New York so there was not a taxi cab to wave down. So, eventually, we just decided to book it. Fortunately I had an umbrella which kept our top halves dry but the bottom halves were soaked! However, we did make it and it was absolutely awesome. The set design was out of this world. It made you feel like you were apart of it. The costumes were beautiful, the lighting spectacular, and the colors were vibrant. It was magical. The cast was so great. What a fun way to spend Easter! 


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