Monday, April 30, 2012

Out With The Old...In With The New

Thank you old reliable microwave table. You have served my family very well for so many years....about 25 to be exact (well give or take a few). They just don't make them quite like you anymore. I am sure you must be wondering why it is time for you to go if they don't make them like you anymore. But, the time has come. I know, it is hard to hear. But, frankly, you are starting to chip here and there and the particle board you are made of is finally starting to break down. It's okay though. We all must retire at some point in life. But, I want you to leave knowing you are loved. I remember you arriving to my childhood home stationed right next to the refrigerator. I have very vivid memories of warming up hot dogs in the microwave that lived on you. I was honored when my mother handed you down to me when I purchased my home 7 years ago. You, faithful microwave table, have been more reliable than any other piece of furniture I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it. But, what you don't deserve is this miserable picture I have of you since I did not get a good shot after I finished painting my kitchen. I am very sorry about that. Please forgive me. 

Hello new chrome wire shelf. I know you will not last nearly as long as your senior. But, you sure look pretty. 


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