Friday, June 18, 2010

The End Of A Vacation Nears

Why must vacations always come to an end? This vacation has been so nice and very relaxing and this house...fantastic! It is nice not to have to take a vacation from your vacation, you know? I feel rested and ready, but reluctant, to return to the real world. My parents are always so sweet to take Jeff and I with them when they really do not have to. So, a very special thanks to my parents!

We had fun this morning watching the deer. We mainly had bucks that would come to the house but there was the sweetest doe that would come up to the house after all the bucks left. She liked to sit right at the bottom of the deck and would even hang out under the house with another doe.

Jeff fed her deer feed and bananas, even apples, and my dad tossed them all a head of lettuce! It was hilarious to watch them eat the lettuce!

When I was sitting on the deck this morning, the cutest little bird sat on the ledge and ate some of the birdseed I put out. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of him. I love his little legs!

The yarn I spun yesterday turned out great! I had such a great time spinning here because I was able to focus only on that. When I am home there are so many things that need to be done so it is hard for me to sit and spin for hours. But, on this vacation, I was able to spin for hours, and hours, and hours! It was great!

Later today Jeff and I went shopping, again! Well, actually, I wanted to go shopping and Jeff indulged me but I know he had fun too.

I found the greatest Big Buddha bag on Monday at Michelle's and did not get it. I went back again today and it was still there and still half price so it was meant to be! I have had my eye on this bag for a while. I got a Big Buddha bag not that long ago and saw this one on the website. So, finding it in Ruidoso, it was definitely meant to be.

Jeff says I have too many purses and shoes. But, what the heck does he know anyway?

Then, we stopped in to the cutest little dog store called No Bones About It. We have to board our dogs when we go on vacation so it is a must to get them a little treat to bring back to them!

The Cosmo and Pizza bones are my favorite!

Then we went back to the Relleno Bros and picked up some cheese and more pistachios. The Green Chile and Garlic pistachios are out of this world.

Their cheese is fantastic too. Call them up and place and order, I love this place! Jeff and I recommend the Green Chile Garlic and Chimayo Red Jack cheese. Hm, great for another fondue night!

After shopping we needed a drink! We went to Lucy's Mexicali Restaurant and Cantina for drinks and chips and salsa.

This place was very festive so stop in when you are visiting Ruidoso!

Ruidoso is a great mountain town, laid back, and peaceful. It is a shame that we must leave! I have really enjoyed myself. Hopefully Jeff and I can come back in the winter and ski!


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