Monday, June 21, 2010

Third Time Is A Charm

Ha! I finally finished knitting the socks I have been working on forever! I lost the second pair I knitted. I still have the first horrible pair that I knitted. Now isn't it ironic that I would loose the cute little second pair and still have the jacked up first pair? Well, whatever, the first pair still served their purpose but the third pair turned out great and I love them! Too bad it is a blazing 100 degrees and I cannot enjoy them to their fullest! But, I guess I could crank the a/c down to 60 and sit in front of the fan for a while just to indulge. Or, I could just wait until Jeff and I are in Victoria in October.

It would be nice to curl up next to the fireplace in our honeymoon suite in my very own hand knitted socks while on my honeymoon! I am going to knit some stuff (Jeff if you are reading stop now!) for Jeff for his wedding present. He says he does not read this blog and I believe it. I don't even think he really even knows what the blog is called so I think I am in the clear. He is not really into blogging. He is more into growing fungus, bacteria, viruses, and science experiments.

So, for now, I am going to sit in my nice warm socks, in the 100 degree weather, relax, and watch some T.V!


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