Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lazy Thursday

You know, vacations are all about being lazy, so that is exactly what Jeff and I did today. We had this fantastic house all to ourselves because my parents went out with a realtor to look at houses in this area. They want to retire in New Mexico so they wanted to get an idea of what the houses are like here in Ruidoso and the kind of life they will be able to live. I hear this is a great area to ski in and I have never been skiing so I would like to come back and do that sometime. The mountains are magnificent and there are some of the tallest trees I have ever seen here in Ruidoso! All of the animals that come up to the house are just incredible...deer, turkeys, humming birds, bobcats, and even bears!

So, anywhoo, what else is there to do on a lazy day with a fantastic house in the mountain forest? Spin some yarn and watch the World Cup!

I did not have my knitty noddy with me so I made one out of 2 chairs. This is about a yard's length so I went for it and it worked great. So, if you are ever on vacation with out a knitty noddy, 2 chairs is the way to do it, worked like a charm.

Then I found a litter box (it was clean, sometimes you just gotta make due with what you have) to make my yarn bath with, worked like a charm too!

Currently, my yarn is out hanging to dry. I really need to move to the mountains. Handspun yarn dries so much faster here, no humidity, I love it!

Do you like the grocery sacks I have hanging there? Mountain rocks are in them for weight. Again, worked like a charm!

Lazy Thursday got a little less lazy when we went to the Magic Forest for dinner. This is a really cool place and they have great pizza. My mom and I split the veggie pizza, it had broccoli on it, never had that on my pizza before but it was good!

Jeff had the Chicken Alfredo (he actually let me take a picture of it! Probably because my mom was there and she is an avid supporter of blogging) and….

My dad had the “Asian Hunan Somethin’ Or Other” (which he referred to it as). He did not like the red peppers so he gave them to Jeff to eat.

Then, we came back and chilled out on the deck, my most favorite part of this trip.


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